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How to keep your wallet SAFU?

Halo Wallet is a self-custody wallet, with users having full control of your wallet. The security of the secret phrase is down to you. What is a secret phrase and how to keep your wallet SAFU? Follow the article to learn the basics.
1. Secret Phrase
Secret phrase is a randomly generated password of 12 words that you will receive when creating a KuCoin Wallet account. When a wallet address is created, a unique secret phrase is generated.
If you log out of Halo Wallet, you will need the secret phrase to access your wallet account. To use the wallet, you must enter the secret phrase fully and correctly.
2. Safety Measures
Follow the steps below to keep your wallet SAFU:
1) Store your secret phrase in a safe place
The best way to keep your secret phrase safe is to write it down in a hard copy and store it in a secure place. Don’t take screenshots or photos to save the secret phrase. Please always store the secret phrase offline. For iOS users, it’s not recommended to upload the secret phrase to iCloud.
2) Never share it with anyone else
If you are asked to write down your secret phrase on a website or google form, they are trying to scam you. Please remember: Never share your secret phrase!
3) Halo Wallet staff will never ask for your secret phrase
Halo Wallet staff will never contact you firstly. Please don’t trust anyone who sends messages to you first. If you have any questions, please submit a request or contact us through the official channels.
4) Never type your secret phrase in any website
Under insecure conditions, do not use wallets and never type your secret phrase.
5) Never scan a QR code or click links from untrusted sources
Some scammers use fake QR codes or fake website links to let users perform operations such as approval. When you enter the phishing pages by scanning the code or clicking the link, this is actually an approval process. If you clicks “Approve”, the scammers will get permission to transfer the asset in your wallet.
So, never scan a QR code from an untrusted source and never click links from unknown sources.
6) Beware of phishing websites
Usually phishing websites have only a few pages, which are slightly different from the real websites. Scammers use fake airdrops or impersonate official staff to attract users to use the fake websites.
👉The only official website of Halo Wallet is https://halo.social/ .