Halo Wallet

How to make swaps?

Halo Wallet has partnered with OKX DEX and 1inch to launch the native cross-chain swap function, enabling users to directly swaps tokens on multiple blockchains supported by Halo Wallet.

How to make swaps?

Step 1: Enter the swap page

Open the Halo Wallet App and navigate to your asset page. Click [Swap] and enter the “Swap” page.
Reminder: Please update your Halo Wallet App to the latest version(V 3.3.0) in order to use the upgraded swap feature.

Step 2: Make a swap

1. On the “Swap” page, directly tap the token and choose the one you wish to trade from the token list. We’ll take swapping from USDT(Polygon) to MATIC(Polygon) as an example.
2. Click “Select token” and then choose the token you wish to receive. Remember to choose the right blockchain network.
3. Enter the amount of either token. The amount of the other one will be shown automatically. If it’s the first time for you to use the swap function on Halo Wallet, please follow the steps to make the approval.
After you’ve give the approval, click [Swap] to proceed. Confirm details on the pop-up page and click [Swap] to complete the trade.
By following these steps, you should be able to successfully perform a swap using Halo Wallet! 🎉