What to do if I send tokens from exchanges but don’t see the them in Halo Wallet?

Halo Wallet is a secure and easy crypto wallet that supports multi chain aggregation. To Guide users in the process of using our wallet, we’ll publish a series of tutorials.

If you have sent tokens from exchanges like KuCoin to Halo Wallet, there are many possible reasons which make you unable to see these tokens in Halo Wallet.

Read the article to know the reasons and learn how to solve the problem by yourself.

Why I don’t see tokens sent from Exchanges in Halo Wallet?

The time needed for a crypto withdrawal depends on the tokens, ranging from a few minutes to a few hours. To see the tokens in Halo Wallet, you need to confirm the transaction is successful.

1. Confirm the withdrawal status with exchanges

You can check the status of each withdrawal request on the exchange you withdraw tokens from.

If the status of the withdrawal is pending or processing, this means the withdrawal is not successful and you should wait for the confirmation on the blockchain. If the status is successful, then the transaction has been recorded on the blockchain.

If you’re sure about the transaction, contact the customer support of the exchange directly.

2. Confirm the status on blockchain explorer

Another way you can use to confirm the withdrawal status is to check it on blockchain explorer. We’ll use BSCScan as an example.

Go to BscScan and enter your Halo Wallet address. Click on “BEP-20” and check if you find the transaction. If you found the transaction and the tokens, this means the withdrawal is successful.

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If you don’t know where to check the transaction, refer to the block explorers below:




KCC Explorer


Fantom Explorer

Avalanche Explorer

What to do if the withdrawal status is successful?

Follow the tutorial below to add the token on Halo Wallet and you’ll see the token displayed on homepage.

How to add custom tokens on Halo Wallet?

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