Halo Wallet
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How to use Halo Wallet Chrome Extension?

The steps for using Halo Wallet Chrome Extension are very simple. Follow the tutorial below to install Chrome Extension and start your Web3 exploration on PC~
1. Please install the Halo Wallet Extension from the Chrome Web Store.
2. Open Halo Wallet in your browser extension. Click [Connect Halo Wallet App] and enter the “Scan QR Code” page.
3. Open Halo Wallet App on your phone. Tap the upper right button on the homepage and scan QR code shown on the “Scan QR Code” page. Click [Connect] on your phone.
Congratulations! Your Halo Wallet Extension has been set up. You can view all your assets, make any transfers and connect to various dApps through Halo Wallet Extension.
👉Why choose Halo Wallet:
  • Multi-device operations
  • Sign on mobile
  • Unified asset management
  • Scan QR code to login
  • No risks of leaking secret phrase