What to do if I cannot log into Chrome extension?

Halo Wallet is a secure and easy crypto wallet that supports multi chain aggregation. To guide users in the process of using our wallet, we’ll publish a series of tutorials.

In this tutorial we will guide how to solve login issues on chrome extension.

If you are having trouble logging into a Halo Wallet Chrome extension, here are some steps you can try:

1. Check your internet connection: Make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet and that there are no connectivity issues.

2. Clear cache and cookies: Clearing the cache and cookies on your browser can help resolve login issues. Go to Settings > Privacy and security > Clear browsing data and select “Cached images and files” and “Cookies and other site data.” Then click “Clear data.”

3.Disable other extensions: Sometimes other extensions can interfere with the login process. Try disabling other extensions temporarily and see if that helps.

4.Reinstall the extension: If all else fails, try uninstalling and reinstalling the extension. Go to chrome://extensions/ and click the “Remove” button next to the extension you want to remove. Then, reinstall the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

If none of these steps work, then you can contact us through our Telegram and Discord for further assistance on Chrome extension.

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